Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kiko Smart Lipstick 909 Cherry Red, 911 Watermelon, 912 Crimson Red

This lipstick is rich and nourishing. It has a dense, nourishing texture with an ultra-silky and immediate smooth-gliding quality. The soft consistency is easy to apply and immediately adheres to the lips, defining them with precision. The creamy formula gives a sheer coverage. The packaging is simple and elegant.
The Kiko Smart Lipstick is available in 24 shades, from the most natural and delicate to the brightest and most intense, with 3 different finishes: full, satin and pearl.

909 Cherry Red is a beautiful deep red.

911 Watermelon is a beautiful purple-pink color that is flattering on everyone. It´s a good staple in each makeup collection.

912 Crimson Red is a pinky red color.

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