Thursday, December 10, 2015

New In: Drugstore (dm) Products

Balea Shine Shampoo & Conditioner restore moisture and shine to the hair.
 The formula is creamy and rich; they have a tropical fragrance.
 Hair feels smoother and healthier after the first use. 
Balea Med Body Wash cleanses and calms sensitive skin. The gently lathering, clear formula has a fresh scent. 
Balea Med Ultra Sensitive Toner - This hydrating facial toner soothes and refreshes skin. The clear, gentle toner feels refreshing and is scent-free. It contains good ingredients that help to clear the skin. 
Balea Intensive Care Shampoo & Hair Mask hydrate hair without weighing it down.
 The fragrance is vanilla. The shampoo is so creamy, it almost feels like a conditioner. The extra-creamy mask packs a big punch of moisture and really makes hair feel healthy. 
Essence Studio Nails Caring Ridge Filler is a fast-drying basecoat. It makes nails feel hard and strong and keeps a manicure looking fresh and glossy for days.
Balea Vanilla & Cocos Creamy Body Wash cleanses, hydrates, and very gently exfoliates the skin. The soft vanilla scent is refreshing and calming at the same time.

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